Brand leadership

How important is your brand to you?  It’s a glib comment, but your brand is a valuable (if not your most valuable) asset.  Look at it this way – if you had a chance to buy a company that owned a few buildings and some aging machinery, or a company with no tangible assets that owned (say) the Toshiba or Nestle brand, which would be the most attractive?  Okay, most of our brands are far more modest, but over the years, think how much we invest in advertising and communicating our brand and all the brand collateral we create.

So where does brand leadership come in?  Brand leadership is putting the brand back at the centre of the organisation.  It is the MD or CEO who ultimately has stewardship of the brand.  Just as we would not allow our tangible assets, our buildings and machinery to deteriorate and devalue, it makes sound business sense to take a similar level of care with our brands.

There are simple techniques for keeping the brand central to all business decisions – one is to put the brand as an agenda item on all important meetings from board meetings on down. We should constantly be asking the question; “How will this affect the brand ?”

There are a lot of resources on the web on brand valuation, but as a straightforward overview take a look at



    1. Thanks, slipped by me that one, but good books on brand leadership are hard to find. I’ll certainly give it a look.

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