Brands are dynamic, not static

Psychologist and relationship specialist Steve Duck, once stated that relationships don’t end, they just change.  Brands are simply relationships between an organisation, product or service and the people it interacts with.  Like all relationships, they are constantly changing as public perceptions and values change together with the brand values.

Look at a few major brands and think back a decade or so: remember the Tesco of the 1970’s and the values it represented then and now.  Think of a few others: Burberry, Virgin, Post Office, Microsoft, Guinness etc. Nothing remains the same.

The lesson for all of us with responsibility for brands is that of good stewardship. We should be constantly reviewing our brand and our audience and reacting to change – treat the brand as a living organism. Brands need nurturing and constant attention.  Maybe we need a new generation of brand huggers.


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