The power of intrigue

I was travelling up the M1 this morning and was intrigued by a large mobile billboard. It had a just four big 3D characters jumbled at a crazy angle, reading ‘form’. Beneath was the URL – ‘’.  I was so intrigued, even not having a clue what the organisation did, that I remembered the web-address and as soon as I arrived at the office, I logged on and checked the company out.  They are a supplier of IT services, not of interest to me, but I am willing to bet that some people were equally intrigued and are in the market for those services.

Intrigue is a powerful tool, and I am constantly advising clients not to say too much on their websites – leave the visitors gagging for more and they will hopefully contact you and give you the opportunity to make a real sale.  But it takes a lot of guts for a business to put substantial budget behind a teaser.

For me, the awareness of this brand – previously unknown to me – has leaped. Well done Form.


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