What’s your favourite brand and why?

I referred in an earlier posting to the Readers’ Digest survey on trusted brands, it was a fascinating if confusing survey. How can Google be compared to a financial institution or a fast-food restaurant?  Why should a bank be favoured over a charity?  I guess one of the problems with a big quantitative survey is we miss the ‘why?’.  Okay, so I want to carry out a little trusted brand exercise of my own.  I’d like to know one of your trusted brands and know why you consider it so.  I’ll start you off with one:

Berghaus– I’ve trusted this brand of outdoor equipment and clothing for years, it has the great brand attribute of reliability – it has always lived up to its promise.  It also represents values I identify with.  I like to think of myself as a serious walker, and Berghaus seems to represent ‘serious’ values. It is also an understated brand, which again matches my values. It does not scream its branding but the discreet logo is recognisable to ‘those who know’.  Incidentally, the name is German, which represents German, Austrian, Swiss alpine values – although the company is based in Tyne and Wear.

Okay, I’ve shown you mine… now you show me yours?


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