Bleeding Brands

How much does one set of brand values bleed across another? I’ve just replaced my car and on my candidate list was a Nissan.  Nissan is not a brand that is high on my radar and I have little intuitive understanding of the brand values. However, it is Japanese… and I associate values, particularly of reliability with Japanese cars.

Normally, when I am working with clients to establish and identify their brand values, we try to evaluate the importance of their nationality as a brand attribute. But we can also consider the country or nation as a brand in itself. Japan as a nation represents certain brand values and some of these are reflected in manufacturing output from that country. When a brand draws values from other brands, either nations, products or services, it is probably more appropriate to look at brand values as a kind of venn diagram with specific values overlaying rather than simply as attributes. Then we can start to appreciate the brand as a system which may well be affected by changes in the status of underlying contributory brands.

In more commercial examples we can think of how brands bleed over each other: the ‘Intel Inside’ attribute of computer manufacturers, brands carried by retail outlets and programmes bought by TV companies.


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