Sorry my brand won’t be in today… it’s down with a virus

A client of mine has a horror of any social Internet activity and was rocked to his core when his new ad turned up on Youtube and went viral. There was nothing bad or contentious and I would have been quite pleased, but his problem with this was the ‘lack of control’.

Of course that is an issue and one that scares many businesses off anything to do with social media. But let us be realistic, all we have no control over is what people say or think about our brands… and this was always the case! The only control a company can exert is the way the company and the brand actually performs in the market place.

As I have stated many times brands are not ‘owned’ by the companies, they are owned by the public. If the company manages them well, with good stewardship they should have little to fear. I would be seriously worried if my brand was not strong enough to cope with a little gentle fun poking on a social Internet site.


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