Beware of digging traps for your own brand.

A lesson for brand stewards everywhere… This YouTube clip  has been well viewed, but when Dave Carroll and his band suffered at the hands of United’s baggage handlers, and customer service were unhelpful and denied the claim for a damaged Taylor guitar, Dave took matters into his own hands and produced his answer on YouTube.

To date over 3 million people have viewed the clip. Two things stand out: firstly a failure of customer service to negotiate the issue, damaging the brand on a small scale… then the customer’s action causing some serious damage on a large scale.

Social media has provided a conduit of redress previously unavailable to consumers.  This example also shows how modern technology has enabled high production values too. Of course, it has also opened up every brand to mischievious and malicious attacks.  The latter we have to face and deal with – but to adopt cavalier approaches to answering consumers’ grievances we do at our peril.


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