RBS may bring back Williams and Glyn’s Bank brand

In times when financial institutions seem to be consolidating their brands and rationalising their offers, it may seem odd that RBS are rumoured to be thinking of relaunching this old brand (UKPA). Why would they do this? Well the story seems to be about rationalising, but in a rather different way.

If there is a part of your business you want to move out of, you have a number of options. You can close that side of the business… or you can sell it off and leave the new buyer to deal with all the brand issues. Or, as seems the case here, you can wrap it all up in a different brand, and then dispose of it. What advantages might there be to this latter strategy? It is tidy of course, but in my view, there may be a big advantage in brand value. If you were to package it all up in a new brand, with no value or currency there is a lot of work to do building a new brand… it is all one-way investment. With this strategy, you have an old and established brand with a lot of inherent value which makes a very attractive package for somebody interested in high street commercial and retail credibility.


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