Green Brands for 2010?

The Green Brands 2009 reports shows some interesting, some encouraging and a few worrying thoughts. Though this is a US Brands survey, it was conducted over seven countries. They UK generally fell in line with the US though some of the responses was more aligned with European data (France  and Germany). Worryingly, we have the smallest proportion of consumers expecting to spend more on green products or services.

But for the good news: “This year’s findings in both developed and developing countries reinforce consumers’ desires to be green by using products that are green,” says Russ Meyer, chief strategy officer of Landor Associates. “However, we’re also beginning to see a strong positive correlation between greenness and more traditional brand attributes like honesty and trustworthiness.”

It is fascinating and enlightening to look at the top 10 green brands for each of the seven countries. The most fascinating data is that there is no evidence of globally common green brands and only one or two brands even appear in more than one country’s top list. This poses an interesting question – does it mean that the high ground is there to be won by globally consolidated brands, or is a global green brand an oxymoron? Perhaps globalisation and green values are unhappy bed-fellows… phrases like ‘camel’ and ‘eye of a needle’ spring to mind.


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