Habitat suffers but the brand survives.

Habitat LogoYet another example of a brand surviving commercial collapse. Habitat heads towards administration yet the one thing of value that will remain is the brand. More evidence if it were needed that a brand is often a business’s most valuable asset.

It is also an example of how a brand can lose its emotional attachment with its audience. I’m old enough to remember Habitat in its early days when it represented a whole buying experience. There was a special connection for a generation with something new that spoke for a specific set of values. Over the years, the brand values became less clear with little differentiation from a host of other competitors. Worst of all, the brand lost its emotional link to its original audience – the babyboomers whose taste was reflected in Terence Conran’s original ideals and now have the disposable income to indulge those tastes.

The brand will survive, but now will have to start a hard uphill slog to connect with a new audience in tough economic conditions.


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