iPad3, 4, 5 and the leapfrog scenario.

I’m a bit of a techead, but not what would normally be described as an early-adopter, so it was just a few months ago that I invested in my iPad2. I love it. Eventually somebody will have to prize it from my cold dead hands… or so I believed. But no, on the horizon appears a new messiah, iPad3. I know it will take my slow, old, grey cells a while to evaluate the new kid on the block. So, I will probably leapfrog 3 and wait for 4, or maybe 5 (perhaps in Jan 2013).

The point is that we now know the narrative… 4 will follow 3, as 5 will follow 4… as July will follow June.  I have no problem with progress. We have all dealt with it with Intel chips, Windows versions and new, improved shampoos. But hopefully, suppliers such as Apple will also read the customer narrative.  It will not be linear, like shunting railway carts. It will be wait and see. We know that the only thing that is unchanging is change itself.

I won’t buy a new suit every year… or a new car… or even a computer, even though it is the tool of my trade. I’m sure such sophisticated marketers as Apple understand this. However, there is something in their marketing strategy that suggest that they don’t. Their communications appear to take a naive view of us as naive consumers.

Treat us as understanding consumers please, who understand the games manufacturers play. Sure, I will upgrade my treasured iPad. But not for 3, or probably even 4… I’m happy playing leapfrog.


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