Virgin rail behaving true to brand values.

We have all noted the recent farce with the government back-pedalling rapidly over the franchise process – probably with a mixture of incredulity and eye-rolling.

Aside from the political issues and outcomes, I was quite heartened with how the Virgin brand comes out of this. Whether you consider it creditable or not, the brand acted true to its values. Much of the personification of those values is embodied in Mr Branson, and the way he goes about his business. But in this instance he and the brand acted in a way we would have expected.

I’m not getting into an argument over whether it was right or wrong – just that the brand behaved authentically.

If we look at the long brand narrative, from selling imported vinyl, to taking on the high street, launching airlines and digging in its toes against BA, it has always behaved in character.

I suggest this little chapter will not reflect badly on the company. One thing the public likes from its brands is consistency, and Virgin certainly seems to demonstrate that trait.


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