Volkswagen and brand contagion

A brand is a social construct and as such it does not exist in a vacuum.  It is socially and historically contextual. A brand narrative draws upon these contexts and informs our understanding and our emotional relationships that they engender. The recent issues facing Volkswagen bring these connections into sharp focus. When we consider the... Continue Reading →


Virgin rail behaving true to brand values.

We have all noted the recent farce with the government back-pedalling rapidly over the franchise process - probably with a mixture of incredulity and eye-rolling. Aside from the political issues and outcomes, I was quite heartened with how the Virgin brand comes out of this. Whether you consider it creditable or not, the brand acted... Continue Reading →

Legal victories may be bad for brands

When your brand wins a legal battle it may be good for the company but can damage brand values and engagement. Apple have been smugly congratulating themselves after their court victory over Samsung. We can all understand - when your success is built around product innovation, protecting your intellectual property must be at the front... Continue Reading →

The narrative of new media brands is the story of revolution.

It is glib to talk about 'The New Media Revolution', or 'The Digital Revolution', or, more recently the 'The Social Network Revolution' - but if we look closely at the brand stories, they seem to follow the narrative of a revolution. From the start-ups in silicon valley, through the dotcom boom and into Twitter and... Continue Reading →

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