Do your customers really understand you?

We all believe we know what we do and what benefits we offer potential clients. We put a lot of effort into our brand proposition and 'elevator pitch.' But it can be easy to be too close to our business and miss the very fundamentals that we take for granted. I often lecture at universities... Continue Reading →


Will Dr Martens sale unleash a brand giant?

It looks as though the Dr Martens brand is set for sale to Permira, the organisation behind the Hugo Boss brand amongst others. I'm sure this can only be good news. Compared to other fashion brands Dr Martens has always seemed to lag behind in its ability to extend and exploit the brand capital. Yet... Continue Reading →

Know what you are about – brand lessons from Polaroid

Polaroid - the 'instant picture' company, had an amazing USP. They had a patented process that guaranteed them a unique place in the photographic market place. Polaroid Land cameras (named after the inventor and founder, Edwin Land) were the embodiment of an iconic brand from the 1950's through to 2004. The unstoppable march of digital... Continue Reading →

Don’t blame retail brand slaughter on the internet.

We've seen quite a bit of brand trauma on the high street recently with big names such as Comet, HMV, Jessops and Blockbuster, among others, hitting brick walls. It's easy to jump to a lot of mistaken conclusions. Retail is very visible and as many manufacturing and service companies have also suffered - it's just... Continue Reading →

Legal victories may be bad for brands

When your brand wins a legal battle it may be good for the company but can damage brand values and engagement. Apple have been smugly congratulating themselves after their court victory over Samsung. We can all understand - when your success is built around product innovation, protecting your intellectual property must be at the front... Continue Reading →

Banking – when all brands seem tarred with the same brush, how do customers react?

Scandal upon scandal has hit the banking sector and evidence of collusion has left customers feeling none are to be trusted. So, when a whole group of brands are considered toxic how do consumers respond - especially when the service is one everybody needs, amounting to distress purchases. Brand damage usually results in rejection by... Continue Reading →

Blacks and Millets – is the great outdoors big enough for two?

I note from an article in Design Week, that Blacks Leisure, the parent company of Blacks and Millets, is looking to rebrand the two subsidiaries. The group was recently rescued from administration by JD Sports. It always gives me a slightly queasy feeling when businesses in trouble see re-branding as part of some solution. Far... Continue Reading →

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