Three great brand tools come together.

Important disciplines combine in a powerful branding approach.  Sometimes it's just a matter of timing that familiar techniques and technologies can be sparked by a catalyst arriving at the right moment. Not only does the time have to be technically right, but the intellectual and cultural environment needs to be open to the opportunities. The... Continue Reading →


Do I know you? How brands use your expectations to open you up.

Whenever you encounter a familiar brand your expectations are triggered, based upon your past experience. Your subsequent encounter is not fresh and objective but is directed by your previous understanding. Two levels of processing are involved here - 'bottom up' processing, the product of this individual episode and the information the brand is communicating, and... Continue Reading →

How to make them love your brand – the emotional dimension of branding.

It’s generally accepted that we engage with brands and make choices on two levels: the pragmatic or declarative level and the emotional level. But the importance of the emotional level is often underestimated. Our primary processing of any experience (including a brand experience) is at a visceral level, often described as pre-wired and subconscious; next... Continue Reading →

B2B brand benefits are relative.

Brand values and more importantly, brand values, are not always the same throughout the marketing chain. Some years ago I was pitching for a project for a major retail brand, when I realised how crucial our own brand reputation was. We had clearly demonstrated we could deliver the ideal solution; our product knowledge, understanding and... Continue Reading →

Can the Barclays’ brand change cultural values by changing structures?

Barclays' new CEO Antony Jenkins, is undertaking an admirable strategic overhaul of the way the brand does business and hopefully in its longterm public perception. He talks about changing culture and practices - practices are fairly straightforward, pragmatic things to change. Little wonder that systems-based organisations begin there. You can plan, implement, monitor and measure. To... Continue Reading →

Make the most of the five ‘E’s of branding.

Brand experience is all about the interaction between the brand and its public. While we all remember the four 'P's of the marketing mix (though I've seen up to 11 at the last count!) - the crucial dimensions of brand interaction are the five 'E's. Engagement - interactions need engagement. The more people engage the... Continue Reading →

Is it time to bring behaviourism back into strategies?

In the golden age of 1950's advertising, the Mad Men days, one of the driving disciplines was psychology. It was the new kid on the marketing block, driven by two factors. Firstly, there was the development of sophisticated measurement techniques. This grew out of academic research methods and was translated into the new discipline of... Continue Reading →

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