Don’t sweat over the brand name

Launching a new brand? It's easy to spend too much time worrying about the name. Just focus on a few fundamentals. The name is just a signifier for what the business is and does. Here's some great advice. Seven key tips - then get on with building your brand.  


Standing out in a crowded brandscape

Entrepreneurs and startups need to push their brands hard. It's encouraging that more and more new businesses and startups are entering the commercial arena. Growth of new companies means growth of new brands, making it more difficult to be seen, heard and noticed. Startups are notorious lax in paying attention to their brands. This is... Continue Reading →

The problem with brand plans

Brand planning is vital - but brand plans are usually obsolete almost immediately. The world and market places are constantly subject to change. Classic brand planning lies in researching and amassing data about the market environments, your products and services, your competitors' activities and much more. By analysing this data you can arrive at a... Continue Reading →

What Darwin can teach us about branding.

Mention 'Darwin' and 'Branding' in the same sentence and people immediately jump to the conclusion we are talking about that (usually misunderstood) concept of 'Survival of the fittest.' The root of the Darwinian view of evolution was far more fundamental and can provide a valuable perspective when looking at brands and how they too evolve.... Continue Reading →

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