Don’t sweat over the brand name

Launching a new brand? It's easy to spend too much time worrying about the name. Just focus on a few fundamentals. The name is just a signifier for what the business is and does. Here's some great advice. Seven key tips - then get on with building your brand.  


Why colour is so important for brand and corporate identities.

Of all the elements of an identity, logo, symbols, typography, colour etc., it is colour which has perhaps the most fundamental impact. One of the principle functions of an identity is to unite people of a common purpose. It creates a coherent banner for people within an organisation to gather. It identifies the entity to... Continue Reading →

If you want to understand emotional attachment with brand identity, look at the regiment.

For most of us, the emotional power of a brand identity is crucial - for the armed forces it is a matter of life and death. I was watching the Trooping of the Colour recently, and was struck by how army regiments display the ultimate object lesson in brand identity. At its most basic level,... Continue Reading →

Will visual networking mean a return to strong visual branding?

All the hype at the moment seems to be about visual networking. Pinterest, Tumblr and others seem to be the current hot properties. The attraction is clear: brand owners can quickly throw images of their brand assets and products onto the web and in front of their communities and networks. The old adage that a... Continue Reading →

To understand how brands perform we must better understand people.

In 1959, Erving Goffman published his influential book, "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life". I have long been an advocate of the 'Brand as Person' model as a way for us to understand brand interactions in a social context, and Goffman's perceptive and challenging work can help us apply some deeper insights and underline... Continue Reading →

How geographically contextual are brands?

When I work with companies on their business offer to international markets, I ask them to consider how important Englishness, or Britishness is as a differentiator for their brand in target markets. The same I am sure is asked by my counterparts all over the world. But recent events have brought this to the forefront... Continue Reading →

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