Plenty of bing

If I asked you to make a list of the new, groundbreaking brands about to send shockwaves around the web, I doubt that 'bing' will be among the top ten. Which is a shame for Microsoft with their $2bn investment so far. But it raises one of the fundamental brand issues - differentiation. Search has... Continue Reading →


Ten Brand New Year resolutions

What kind of a year will 2010 be for brands? Well, 2009 was quite up and down and we seemed to be rocked by events both economical and commercial, so I guess one watchword for 2010 must be to take as much control for the destinies of our brands as we can. So here are... Continue Reading →

Do brands need flexible friends?

Study: Brands Need Flexibility¬†Adweek 09 Feb 2009. "Sixty-three percent claimed traditional brand-positioning approaches don't work as well as they did in the past. Why? Rapidly shifting media habits and the advent of new technologies require brands "to tell a bigger story," said Verse Group managing partner Randall Ringer. "The brand-positioning model was designed for a... Continue Reading →

Can digital let us put more fun into branding?

In a fascinating article in Revolution, Sept 2008, Justin Billingsley, Orange's UK brand director told Adam Woods that digital was going to 'steal considerable budget from above-the-line marketing' - no surprises there. However what was interesting was his comment that it was going to be used to more 'cool stuff' (by which I understand he... Continue Reading →

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