Will Brexit damage ‘Brand Britain’ or British brands?

Fortnum & Mason boss, Ewan Venters, claimed “brand Britain has been firmly damaged” by Brexit and the uncertainty it has brought. It's evident that the political and economic picture painted during the aftermath of the referendum is not an edifying one. However, it may not be accurate to tie 'Brand Britain' too closely to British brands. Brand... Continue Reading →


Will brand values be as unpredictable as political values in Europe?

Does branding in Europe have a unique flavour? I'm going to be looking forward with interest to the Transform conference, given that 'Brand Europe' itself seems to have undergone significant changes. Are Europeans' values shifting - paricularly those of consumers? Brand management seems likely to have become a contentious issue, closely linked with corporate governance,... Continue Reading →

The seven pillars of export branding

At its core, all branding is the same - however, when a brand moves into the international arena, there are some critical dimensions that must be considered. 1. Language This may seem obvious, but does your brand name translate into your target languages? Even proper names may have an unintended meaning. Don't just think of... Continue Reading →

Now Raleigh has gone Dutch does nationality of brand ownership matter?

There is a good deal of breast-beating when a fundamentally British brand is bought into foreign ownership - but perhaps the thing we should be focusing upon is heritage rather than ownership. Over recent years we have seen many brands that may be considered quintessentially British fall into foreign ownership - Jaguar, Harrods, Cadbury, Manchester... Continue Reading →

HSBC – aligning brand values with national heritage.

It's interesting to note how HSBC is capitalizing on its Chinese roots in its current brand promotion. I used to be a customer of the old Midland Bank, when it was taken over by HSBC many years ago. The new owners were very low-key about the branding, reassuring customers that little would change and they... Continue Reading →

Export marketing communications strategy – free download.

A strategy should not be a weighty document.  It is a single outline of an objective and the means of achieving it. There may be a lot of work behind it – researching, thinking and planning. However, the strategy in itself should be all that hard work filtered down into a simple action plan -... Continue Reading →

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