BP raises the issues of perceptions of brand responsibility

The cataclysmic environmental problems in the Gulf of Mexico have stimulated much discussion and I don't wish to add to that noise. What it does flag up however, is the changing perception of responsibility in the west. We have seen the trend in government where there is a perception that Government should somehow solve everybody's... Continue Reading →


Ten Brand New Year resolutions

What kind of a year will 2010 be for brands? Well, 2009 was quite up and down and we seemed to be rocked by events both economical and commercial, so I guess one watchword for 2010 must be to take as much control for the destinies of our brands as we can. So here are... Continue Reading →

There is more to sustainable brands than just being green

Sustainable brands and sustainable marketing are often seen as synonymous with ecological responsibility and being green. But there are three key pillars to a sustainable strategy; ecology, economy and culture. The ecological dimension This is perhaps the best known and best understood dimension, and many brands are already working hard in this area. The economic... Continue Reading →

Green credentials as brand values

With global warming, sustainability and ecology high on the world agendas, it's little wonder that green credentials are increasingly becoming a feature of organisations' brand values.  I was delivering a training course just last week and as part of the session I was getting the delegates to clarify their corporate proposations. Out of eight companies,... Continue Reading →

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