Why brands need vision.

Does your brand know where it's going? More importantly, do you know where you want it to go? When developing a brand or briefing consultants it's critical to consider what you want your brand to look like in, say, ten years time. Don't focus on where you are now. Where do you hope your business... Continue Reading →


Three great brand tools come together.

Important disciplines combine in a powerful branding approach. ¬†Sometimes it's just a matter of timing that familiar techniques and technologies can be sparked by a catalyst arriving at the right moment. Not only does the time have to be technically right, but the intellectual and cultural environment needs to be open to the opportunities. The... Continue Reading →

Culture, brand values and evolution

Internal culture is the most powerful determinant of brand values, which, in turn affect external brand perceptions. It directly impacts the brand development as it lies at its core. If we think of corporate culture as an organism, evolving over time, it could develop as a goldfish or a piranha.¬† Cultures contain positive and negative... Continue Reading →

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