Standing out in a crowded brandscape

Entrepreneurs and startups need to push their brands hard. It's encouraging that more and more new businesses and startups are entering the commercial arena. Growth of new companies means growth of new brands, making it more difficult to be seen, heard and noticed. Startups are notorious lax in paying attention to their brands. This is... Continue Reading →


Differentiation and problem brands

Brand specialists talk glibly about the importance for brand differentiation, but in the real world, businesses may have to struggle with 'me-too' brands. In practice they will find they have just two levers to pull. They can look to differentiate the brand, or they can look to differentiate the brand communications. The matrix below looks... Continue Reading →

Threshers for the drop?

Noting the imminent demise of the Threshers wine stores and considering two dimensions: firstly pressures on the sector, and secondly differentiation within the sector. This could be a classic case-study question for marketing students! Since supermarkets first carved a niche for themselves in the drinks sector ( I seem to remember Sainsburys were the pioneers),... Continue Reading →

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