Three great brand tools come together.

Important disciplines combine in a powerful branding approach.  Sometimes it's just a matter of timing that familiar techniques and technologies can be sparked by a catalyst arriving at the right moment. Not only does the time have to be technically right, but the intellectual and cultural environment needs to be open to the opportunities. The... Continue Reading →


Brands must have walls, windows and doors

Let's think of a brand as a fine building with walls, windows and doors.  These are the essential and useful features of any building. Properly constructed and used a building is sound, welcoming and vibrant, but care must be taken in the use of those same features to ensure that it doesn't become a fortress, or... Continue Reading →

How to make them love your brand – the emotional dimension of branding.

It’s generally accepted that we engage with brands and make choices on two levels: the pragmatic or declarative level and the emotional level. But the importance of the emotional level is often underestimated. Our primary processing of any experience (including a brand experience) is at a visceral level, often described as pre-wired and subconscious; next... Continue Reading →

The seven pillars of export branding

At its core, all branding is the same - however, when a brand moves into the international arena, there are some critical dimensions that must be considered. 1. Language This may seem obvious, but does your brand name translate into your target languages? Even proper names may have an unintended meaning. Don't just think of... Continue Reading →

Virgin rail behaving true to brand values.

We have all noted the recent farce with the government back-pedalling rapidly over the franchise process - probably with a mixture of incredulity and eye-rolling. Aside from the political issues and outcomes, I was quite heartened with how the Virgin brand comes out of this. Whether you consider it creditable or not, the brand acted... Continue Reading →

Legal victories may be bad for brands

When your brand wins a legal battle it may be good for the company but can damage brand values and engagement. Apple have been smugly congratulating themselves after their court victory over Samsung. We can all understand - when your success is built around product innovation, protecting your intellectual property must be at the front... Continue Reading →

If you want to understand emotional attachment with brand identity, look at the regiment.

For most of us, the emotional power of a brand identity is crucial - for the armed forces it is a matter of life and death. I was watching the Trooping of the Colour recently, and was struck by how army regiments display the ultimate object lesson in brand identity. At its most basic level,... Continue Reading →

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