Oscars, PWC and reputational damage

We have seen a number of brands suffering reputational damage over recent years - BP, VW, Sports Direct, BHS - to name just four that spring readily to mind. By comparison, the glitch at the Oscars is just an amusing sideshow. However, it brings into sharp focus the importance of attention to detail in everything... Continue Reading →


How to manage the brand perception-gap.

Brands are about perceptions rather┬áthan reality, because they are primarily concerned with emotion more than logic. Perceptions and attributions may be constructed from early experiences of a brand or by received information. Often, that information is also emotionally constructed. It may have been channelled through peer groups, respected friends or colleagues, or sympathetic media. Large... Continue Reading →

Know what you are about – brand lessons from Polaroid

Polaroid - the 'instant picture' company, had an amazing USP. They had a patented process that guaranteed them a unique place in the photographic market place. Polaroid Land cameras (named after the inventor and founder, Edwin Land) were the embodiment of an iconic brand from the 1950's through to 2004. The unstoppable march of digital... Continue Reading →

B2B brand benefits are relative.

Brand values and more importantly, brand values, are not always the same throughout the marketing chain. Some years ago I was pitching for a project for a major retail brand, when I realised how crucial our own brand reputation was. We had clearly demonstrated we could deliver the ideal solution; our product knowledge, understanding and... Continue Reading →

Brand lessons from Starbucks, Amazon, Google et al.

Lesson #1: The brand is everyone's responsibility including the CFO. The recent furore and public backlash at brands which take UK tax avoidance to the extreme was wholly predictable, and avoidable. But how many organisations involve their senior financial people in brand management - how many CFO's see the brand as part of their responsibility?... Continue Reading →

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