Will proposed banking changes affect the way banks approach branding?

There has been a great deal of government rhetoric regarding a shake up of the banking system. Both members of the coalition have argued for  break-up, but  Tories want to limit the split to the 'casino' activities of proprietary trading while  Lib Dems propose going further and 'separating low-risk deposit taking banking from high-risk investment... Continue Reading →


The brand and the elephant – the devil is in the detail.

You are probably familiar with the old story of the six blind men and an elephant: it appears in many versions in eastern culture and theology. In brief, six blind men encounter an elephant, one touches its side and declares an elephant is like a wall, another grabs its leg and asserts it is like... Continue Reading →

Brand narratives – time to tell stories?

Brand narratives are a useful tool to help get to grips emotional values and connections with a brand. I have often noticed in workshops when people are struggling to get over their brand proposition and begin to 'tell the story' of their brand they become more comfortable and the communication flows easily. In this case... Continue Reading →

Ford, Volvo and China – it’s all about cultural values

The news that Ford are to sell Volvo to Chinese car company Geely raises two interesting issues about brands, cultures and emotional values. Firstly, Ford have made a number of forays into the luxury car market - highly successful car makers, they shrewdly recognised that they cannot change their brand values overnight so set about... Continue Reading →

Trusted brands – trusted banks?

After much talk, Virgin has finally entered the high street banking world by offering current accounts. This poses the interesting conundrum - 'Does our disillusion with the banking sector present opportunities for trusted brands to step in, or are such brands in danger of being tarnished by the sector reputation?'. Many of our trusted brands... Continue Reading →

Brand damage – is it reversible?

Of course brands suffer damage from time to time, often it is terminal, sometimes recoverable and occasionally reversible. But always it underlines the fragility of brand reputation. I suggest there are four main types of brand damage, the first two are usually terminal, while the latter two can be recovered from in time: Critical Success Factor... Continue Reading →

Are companies dealing in intangibles even more susceptible to brand reputation damage than those dealing in tangible products?

We know that stock markets seem to often defy logic. The financial sector which we might expect to be grounded in figures and statistics depends heavily upon reputation, legacy and history.  Yet over recent weeks and months we have seen tremors in world markets make financial companies appear incredibly fragile - brands which were surrounded... Continue Reading →

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