Why brands need vision.

Does your brand know where it's going? More importantly, do you know where you want it to go? When developing a brand or briefing consultants it's critical to consider what you want your brand to look like in, say, ten years time. Don't focus on where you are now. Where do you hope your business... Continue Reading →


Favourite Brands – Virgin

There are lots of reviews of top brands... rankings, awards and well-researched analysis. If you want some more scientific insight, where better to look than Superbrands. However, I like to occasionally indulge myself in looking at my own favourite brands - in a non-scientific and wholly subjective manner. My justification for this is my belief... Continue Reading →

The seven pillars of export branding

At its core, all branding is the same - however, when a brand moves into the international arena, there are some critical dimensions that must be considered. 1. Language This may seem obvious, but does your brand name translate into your target languages? Even proper names may have an unintended meaning. Don't just think of... Continue Reading →

B2B brand benefits are relative.

Brand values and more importantly, brand values, are not always the same throughout the marketing chain. Some years ago I was pitching for a project for a major retail brand, when I realised how crucial our own brand reputation was. We had clearly demonstrated we could deliver the ideal solution; our product knowledge, understanding and... Continue Reading →

Don’t blame retail brand slaughter on the internet.

We've seen quite a bit of brand trauma on the high street recently with big names such as Comet, HMV, Jessops and Blockbuster, among others, hitting brick walls. It's easy to jump to a lot of mistaken conclusions. Retail is very visible and as many manufacturing and service companies have also suffered - it's just... Continue Reading →

What will do the Google brand most damage – profit slump or communications bungling?

Share trading in Google was suspended for a while when its third-quarter results were published early by mistake. The results revealed a 20% profit slump, but what was the biggest potential long-term damage to the brand - the figures or the bungling? Business results matter, but all companies have ups and downs. Many traditional media... Continue Reading →

Five key characteristics of great brand leaders.

What is the defining characteristic of great brands - large or small? It is brand leadership. They have strong, committed and unwavering direction. Great brand leaders come in all shapes and sizes from Henry Ford to Richard Branson or Steve Jobs. But they all share some key qualities. (1) Vision A clear view ahead and... Continue Reading →

Make the most of the five ‘E’s of branding.

Brand experience is all about the interaction between the brand and its public. While we all remember the four 'P's of the marketing mix (though I've seen up to 11 at the last count!) - the crucial dimensions of brand interaction are the five 'E's. Engagement - interactions need engagement. The more people engage the... Continue Reading →

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