Oscars, PWC and reputational damage

We have seen a number of brands suffering reputational damage over recent years - BP, VW, Sports Direct, BHS - to name just four that spring readily to mind. By comparison, the glitch at the Oscars is just an amusing sideshow. However, it brings into sharp focus the importance of attention to detail in everything... Continue Reading →


Do you really own your brand?

When writing or talking about brands, I often find myself using the term 'brand steward', which I admit some folks find puzzling. The reason is that I feel uncomfortable with the phrase 'brand owner'. When a 'brand' is sold, for example, what is actually transferred? It may be the business in terms of premises, or... Continue Reading →

Are companies dealing in intangibles even more susceptible to brand reputation damage than those dealing in tangible products?

We know that stock markets seem to often defy logic. The financial sector which we might expect to be grounded in figures and statistics depends heavily upon reputation, legacy and history.  Yet over recent weeks and months we have seen tremors in world markets make financial companies appear incredibly fragile - brands which were surrounded... Continue Reading →

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