Green Brands – Green Values

As I was standing at the supermarket checkout with my fistful of use again carrier bags I was considering how green values have permeated our culture and how brands have followed them.

I hear a lot of cynicism, much of it justified, about companies artificially promoting their green credentials, and mounting specious eco-chumly initiatives.  But lets unpick this for a moment… brands are owned by the greater public, so their relationship with greener brands will be a reflection of their own eco-friendly values. As we respond to green values so they will be promoted.

Most brands embody green credentials I believe, and promote them to a greater or lesser degree. It’s just that we view some brands with more scepticism than others. So why do I feel cynical towards Tesco as I recycle my carrier bags and collect my Green Points? I guess they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t when it comes to adopting sustainable policies.

So I would urge brand stewards to be resolute: adopt sustainanble policies for the RIGHT reasons; be sincere; ignore the cynics. Ultimately I believe honest values will come through and can only be good for the planet and your brand.


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